USA_Lindsay_ Hirsch

Lindsay Hirsch began painting as a child and continued to paint majoring in Art at her high school and graduating as a National Art Merit Scholar. Lindsay received both a degree in fine art as a figurative artist and a degree in Art History from London The Slade School of Fine art. At the Slade Lindsay’s professor was Euan Uglow. Euan became Lindsay’s friend and mentor, Lindsay learned her ability to measure and use color most influenced by him.

Lindsay has continued to paint in a figurative manner, she works in pastel, oils, and charcoal and has exhibited across the US and Europe.

Lindsay’s work is dominated by the human figure, especially women, as she says “ I see myself in the women I depict, as through their eyes and they come alive for me and it is that connection between them and myself that gives each image life and meaning”. Most of the women are usually by themselves in the image, as feelings of isolation and a solitary life dominate an existential reality of the depiction of the post-modern world we live in. Each image speaks from her own world, “we live as we dream, alone”.