I started painting as a child. I have taken art lessons (drawing and painting) since the age of 5. I continued to take lessons and majored in Art at my high-school, Crossroads and graduated as a National Arts Merit Scholar. I received both an MA  in art history from London University and an MFA painting from The Slade school UCL.

My work has evolved as did my ability, but I do think that one can see a quintessential something that would be definable as “me” throughout my life in my work. There are general themes and framing of images that I use throughout my life. I have always been a “life painter” never for one minute wavering from my conviction and deep rooting in the physical world. For me, the physical world around us, the “visible world” is the door to a deeper reality that is always lurking close behind the clearly visible. While I paint from life, I hope to bring a deeper understanding to what I see.

Painting is for me both a matter of having something to say and the ability to express that message with clarity and eloquence, a message and the skill to convey it. My work exists at the juncture of skill and intent, form and function or as in Kabbalah "vessel" and "light", both must be one and united.

I have spent the last few years pursuing other endeavors as well as my painting. I have two children who are both living at home and I am a single mother. I was running a charity to help the homeless called Feed Your Soul for 12 years, and also spent some years designing clothes. I have also studied metaphysical and spiritual teachings as well as philosophy and Comparative Religion. I am coming back to my core self and painting with much more knowledge and life experience. I have much to say now and hope that my work speaks to others as the concerns therein portrayed are very close to my heart.


Very sincerely,

Lindsay Hirsch